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Friday 3rd August 2012: End of sixth week photos

The Beginners 2 Class: Nao, Andrea, Gabriel, Laura, Enrico, Giorgia, Fabian and Diego with their teacher, Sharon.
Intermediate 2: Jonathan, Mateo, Mario, Martina, Valeria, Guiseppe, Rosella, Aurelia, Francesca and Orsola.
The Elementary Class: Mizuki, Paul, Mateo Ivonna, Fumiaki, Pau, Maiko, Sophie, Manaka, Laura and Hilaria with their teacher, Emily.

Upper Intermediate 2: Artur, Lorenzo, Jose, Elia, Hye Jun, Ane and Vita with their teacher, Lauren.

Intermediate 3: Ahmed, Fernando, Chiara , Alessio, Geronimo, Agatha, Alexandra, Francisco, Nick and Kate with their teacher, Rohan.

Upper Intermediate 1: Luca, Cristian, Federico, Jagoda, Stella and Camelia with their teacher, Cassienne.

Mitya enjoying his ice cream.

The students and teachers from the sixth week in the school’s garden.
Hilaria, Laura and Vita.