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Break time in the garden.

Jorge and Pau.

Miriam, Adrian, Ivonna and Patricia.

Hilaria, Mario and Juan playing dominos.

Setting up for a game of ‘Spoons’.

Sara, Tommaso and Alexandra.


Pablo and Jorge.

Friday 10th August 2012: The end of seventh week.

Enrico, Mateo, Geronimo, Artur, Elia, Federico and Lorenzo.

Vita, Jagoda, Laura, Luisa and Mai Lee.
Fabian with his massive burger!

Mina with her snack on the picnic rug.

Anna and Hilaria.

Manaka and Maiko.

Friday 27th July 2012: School photos in the garden

All the students and teachers from week five in the school’s garden.

Federico, Amedeo, Giulia, Luca and Alessio listening to Cassienne.

Martina and Mario.

Matteo, Orsola, Rosella, Alexandra, Francesco, Giuseppe, Martina, Mario,  Daniel, Diego, Aurelia, Andrea and Francesca

The two

Wednesday 25th July 2012: London Eye and the South Bank

Last Wednesday we went to the London Eye and then walked along the South Bank, looking at the street performers.
Larry, Laura and Ivonna posing with Mr Bean.

Fabian posing with a street performer on the South Bank.

Thursday 2nd August 2012: Photos in the garden

Camelia, Vita, Jagoda and Laura.

Andrea and Diego.

Komei and Mario.

Fumiaki, Komei and Paul.

Diego, Mitya and Mina.

Komei, Diego, Mitya and Mina.

Saturday 4th August 2012: Trip to the Tower of London.

On Saturday a group of us went to the Tower of London and then walked along the South Bank and crossed over to St Paul’s Cathedral.

Maiko, Ivonna, Jagoda, Laura and Vita under the ‘Bloody Tower’ at the Tower of

Friday 17th August 2012: The Last Day!

On the last day of the Summer School we performed to the parents.
First up was the Beginners 1 class. Here they are performing ‘Baby Bumblebee’.
Beginners 1 performing their finale: Twinkle Twinkle.
Beginners 2 then followed with ‘I wanna

Monday 6th August 2012: Trip to the Science Museum

On Monday afternoon a group of us went to the Science Museum.
Fabian, Laura and Larry trying to build a bridge in the ‘Launchpad’ room.

Pau after getting shocked by one of the exhibits.

Fabian and Pau playing with the

Friday 3rd August 2012: End of sixth week photos

The Beginners 2 Class: Nao, Andrea, Gabriel, Laura, Enrico, Giorgia, Fabian and Diego with their teacher, Sharon.
Intermediate 2: Jonathan, Mateo, Mario, Martina, Valeria, Guiseppe, Rosella, Aurelia, Francesca and Orsola.
The Elementary Class: Mizuki, Paul, Mateo Ivonna, Fumiaki, Pau, Maiko, Sophie, Manaka,

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